Why Choose Pennystarter?

Today's entrepreneurs and small business owners' needs are different. We want flexibility, inspiration and to be "part of the solution," not just profit.

Flexibility. All of our services are online and cloud-based.


Accounting and Finance made easy. We're your accounting and finance resource so you can stay inspired and prioritize what's most important to running your business.

Do-It-Yourself runs in your blood. Basic accounting and finance tasks can be learned and should be understood by all business owners. We will provide sustainable accounting and finance solutions to your business by educating and working-closely with our clients.

The Right Solutions for Right Where You Are

Traditional CPA firms provide CPA services based on a hourly billing basis. This billing model can be costly for many start-ups and small businesses. Often, clients have to choose services on à la carte basis.


We recognize that efficiency and cost-effectiveness can be achieved when many aspects of accounting and finance are consolidated and streamlined. Further, we understand different CPA services are necessary and needed at different stages of your company's growth to mitigate and capitalize the risks and opportunities.

The New Generation's Accounting and Finance Service Provider

Pennystarter Consulting is a boutique Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm located in San Diego, California. We recognize today's entrepreneurs and small business owners face different challenges and operate in a more dynamic and fast-moving business environment than ever. We are committed to provide accounting, tax, and finance consulting services to help our clients achieve the success of their own kind.



Unleash Young Entrepreneurs. Empower Small Business Owners.


Our Services

We provide our services in two ways:

Our Subscription plan is a flat monthly fee. We will work closely with you to understand your business needs and build a customized service package that will mitigate risks and sieze opportunities at a reasonable monthly price.

If needed, we provide services of your choice at an established flat fee.

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Accounting Services:

Bookkeeping & Document Management

Financial Reporting

Accounting Record Review

Payroll Solution

Tax Services:

Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

General Tax Compliance

Consulting Services:

Quickbooks & Xero Consulting

Business Plan Development

Financial Planning & Analysis

Benchmark & Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Developmen

Accounting Process Improvements

Business Intelligence AnalysisTax Credit Analysis

Technical Accounting Solutions

Small Businss Tax Consulting

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